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Raleigh, NC 27619
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Board of Directors

Each of our board members takes part in film selection, budget decisions, writing film notes, volunteering at screenings, community outreach, and all the little things to keep our series going. Additionally, each board member fulfills a specialized set of responsibilities, listed below.

  • Karen Bender, Publications Secretary
  • Royster Chamblee, Vice President, Technical, and Mailing List Manager
  • Jackson Cooper, Ambassador at Large
  • Peter Corson, President
  • Britt Crews, Corresponding Secretary
  • Jerry Folden, Historian
  • Susan Judge, Treasurer
  • Robert McDowell, Website Manager
  • Ralph Ramos, Board Member
  • Katherine Reynolds, Recording Secretary and House Manager
  • Mark Van Hook, Publicity Manager and Social Networking Manager
  • Dick Wayne, Brochure Manager
  • Bee Weddington, Booking Manager